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October 2, 2009



zeich34 von Ihnen.
Group Or-Om
is pleased to present
"BiennaMetaWorlds© and The Deductive Generator©"

The art works collected at present our critical approach to meta-strategies and -tactics of certain modern types of exhibitions using the 53rd International Art Exhibition at Venice as an example. We create BiennaMetaWorlds© integrating citations of the art works of the exhibition as sub-elements and parts of new pluralities and infinite variations within the universal semantics of our Deductive Generator© - at… a method to relativize the obvious trends to arbitrariness.
Group Or-Om does not claim any copyright for its art works. The works may be used without any payment being required.

Opening October 12, 2009 2-5 pm

Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday from 12 to 6 PM or by appointment.

For more information:
Group Or-Om: or

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